X4 Low Profile Ballhead

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The X series is the low center of gravity series aiming at high performance and high reliability


* X4 ball diameter is 40mm, 400g weight, with the same size and invincible locking force.

* The total height (including the clamp) is only 80mm. The X4 main body refers to the design of the American RRS,

The position of the knob is optimized appropriately.


* All metal parts are made of aviation aluminum 6061T6 and stainless steel

* All machined parts are CNC finished, no low-end mold components

* All military grade hard oxidized surface treatment


* X4 is optimized for the interior of the pan/tilt and the knob structure, which greatly increases the locking force.

* Simplify the internal structure to make the operation more reliable, without pan/tilt lock.

* Increased the space of the damping adjustment small knob and the chassis locking knob so that the operation does not interfere with each other

Ball diamension:  55mm

Load capacity:  10kg

Weigh : 400 grs

Height : 80mm